EPA Rolls Back on Emissions Restrictions

In early July of the United States EPA reported to the New York Times that it will not be enforcing some of the emissions restrictions previously enforced during the Obama presidency. These restrictions were placed on glider kit manufacturers like Fitzgerald Glider Kits. Starting this past year, the manufacturers of glider kits were restricted to building only 300 trucks per year which don’t comply with the Phase 2 emissions regulations that were finalized by the EPA 2 years ago.glider kits truck

Currently, the EPA is trying to repeal the sections of the Phase 2 emissions standards, but it has not yet been finalized which leaves these glider kit manufacturers waiting around for an answer. The point of the 300 truck per year cap was supposed to give fleets and owner-operators immunity from the regulations. This was so that truck owners who wanted to equip glider kits with older engines were able to do so. However, the way that this was structured would have made it difficult for large-scale manufacturers like Fitzgerald to stay in business without a dramatic restructuring of their business.


It seems that the EPA, now under the new presidency, is working to overturn the parts of the Phase 2 regulations that apply to glider kit manufacturers. A decision is yet to be made.