Radio Secrets that will Keep You Awake the Whole Road Trip

Music is a must when it comes to long road trips. But, when road trip hours get long, it’s hard to stay awake even when your favorite music is playing. How do you combat your fatigue? Use your radio to your advantage!

Check out these radio tips to ensure you’re alert throughout the entire road trip:

Keep it Loud:

When listening to the radio, make sure the volume is cranked up. Keeping the music loud will make sure you don’t nod off to the white noise of your tired on the road. It will also keep your brain alert.

Listen to an Audiobook:

Audiobooks are a great way to pass time and keep your brain engaged. But, remember, when choosing a book to listen to, don’t reach for something long and heavy. Instead, choose a mystery, drama, or comedy to make sure you’re engaged the entire time you’re listening to it.

Listen to Something New:

Yes, it’s great to rock out to your favorite songs. But, believe it or not, it’s actually better to listen to new music. When you listen to songs you’ve heard a million times before, your brain is more likely to get used to the song and tune it out. So, road trips are a great time to discover something new!

Switch it Up:

Throughout the trip, change the radio station often to get a variety. Not only are you giving yourself a chance to listen to something new, but you’re also moving, which wakes up your body. During commercial or slow songs, switch the station. Traveling over state lines prompts this action anyway, so take advantage of it!