How to Avoid Truck Blind Spots

As a truck driver, you know about blind spots better than anyone. Every truck driver quickly learns that they have to navigate their blind spots to drive safely. But, not many drivers you share the road with know how to properly avoid your blind spots. These tips will help car drivers be more mindful of truckers’ blind spots and help avoid accidents.

  1. Keep truck mirrors in sight when passing. If you can see his/her mirrors, he/she can see you, too. It’s as simply as that!
  2. Try to avoid blind spots completely by staying where they can see you. Directly in front, directly in back, and the right side are places that are particularly dangerous blind spots. If you end up on the right side of the semi, make sure you give them a couple lanes worth of space so they can see you are there.
  3. Keep a safe distance behind the truck. This means leaving a sizeable amount of space between you and the semi at all times. If he slows down, you will have more than enough time to prepare to stop, too.
  4. Pass fast. Passing a truck slowly just means you’re leaving more time for an accident to occur. When you are passing a semi, make sure you do it quickly so you are in and out of their blind spots as fast as possible.
  5. Use your horn if you have to. If a truck starts merging lanes without noticing you are there, then honk your horn a couple times. This may be the only way for the driver to see you or realize you are around.