New Regulation Encourages Truckers to Take a Break

After reviewing regulations regarding trucker work schedules, Congress declared that it will implement new rules in 2017. This revision limits truckers to a 70 hour work week–12 hours less than what some truckers were putting in weekly. As such, truckers are also encouraged to take advantage of restart periods, which allows them to take two-day breaks in the week. Not only will the new rules allow truckers to catch up on sleep, but they also support driver health and safety.

Some argue that the changed legislation will be more dangerous because it doesn’t allow truckers to drive between the hours of 1 am and 5 am, meaning that they will be forced to drive during rush hour traffic. An increase of semis during rush hour potentially endangers the safety of other drivers. Congress, however, believes that taking a break between these hours allows truckers to sleep during the times most essential for REM to occur. As such, the hope is that allowing truckers to get more sleep will also cut down on the prevalence of sleep apnea among drivers.

Keep an eye out for this new regulation, among others in 2017.